Officer organization: MyTeam Triumph
Volunteer service: Since 2017

What is MyTeam Triumph? MyTeam Triumph (mTT) is a nonprofit athletic ride-along program that creates an inclusive environment for people that are differently-abled. These individuals, our captains, get paired with able-bodied adults, or angels, to participate in activities such as running, biking and swimming events. This allows the captains to experience the event for themselves and build lasting relationships.


How did you get involved with MyTeam Triumph? I was asked to join the board due to my dedication to wellness and industry skillset. Through my involvement with mTT, I am able to continue my personal fitness journey, while also giving someone with different abilities the chance to participate. There is nothing better than being a part of an inclusive community and doing what you love. I believe in the mTT motto that “Everybody deserves their own finish line.”


How else have you volunteered with this organization? I serve on the Board of Directors for the Wisconsin chapter of mTT and participate as an angel in events. I also assist with business development and social opportunities in support of the organization.


What are your responsibilities as board member? As a board member, I help to create awareness of the organization, provide direction and strategy, offer risk governance and explore development opportunities for the chapter. This is a great opportunity to work on my own professional development, while connecting with others and making an impact in the community we serve.


What advice do you have for colleagues who are looking to get involved in their community? I would be sure to clarify up front what time and resources will be asked of their commitment. Some organizations will require a mixture of time, resources and monetary support. A board member should be dedicated and passionate about the cause and be able to prioritize meetings and activities.


What memorable experiences can you share with us from your involvement with mTT? I would say running in the Cellcom half marathon this past May. It was my first time being an angel, and, to make it even more memorable, I ran it with two of my high school friends as co-angels. The event itself is unique—running through Lambeau Field with a crowd cheering you on. You can see the excitement in your captain's face, especially as they cross the finish line, which makes it so rewarding.


How do you become an angel? It’s easy! Check the MyTeam Triumph website for a list of upcoming events. Register as an angel or volunteer, then select the event(s) of interest. They will match you with a captain and set up a time to meet for a practice run prior to the event. They do ask angels to fundraise or donate to help pay for the cost of the event.


What advice would you give colleagues looking to get more involved in their community? I would say that there are a lot of ways to get involved in our communities; find those that that are rewarding or meaningful to you personally. If you’re willing to put in the effort and find the time, you’ll find that you often get back more than you give. It’s very rewarding to contribute to something bigger than yourself.