Jane Zheng, a data & reporting analyst at Associated Bank, started her ultimate frisbee journey in high school and has continued playing into adulthood. Zheng now plays for the Milwaukee Monarchs, southeastern Wisconsin's first and only women’s professional ultimate team.


Ultimate is a noncontact sport with a disc thrown by hand. Each team has seven players with 14 players on the field during each game. Similar to football, points are earned by successfully passing the disc down the field to the opposing end zone. Players cannot move while holding the disc and each incomplete pass is a turnover. The term frisbee is a registered trademark of the Wham-O toy company, so the sport is not formally called ultimate frisbee or frisbee.


Zheng says the game is somewhat like a mixture of soccer, basketball and football but it’s not only about exercise. It also provides another opportunity for women in professional sports. That is why she is grateful for Associated Bank’s sponsorship of the Milwaukee Monarchs.


“It’s very meaningful to me that Associated supports our team,” said Zheng. “Frisbee is still growing as a sport, especially the women’s professional league.”


The Milwaukee Monarchs are focused on expanding opportunities for women, girls and players of all diverse identities within the broader Midwest. They are a part of the Premier Ultimate League and aspire to give visibility and a platform to women, transgender, non-binary, genderqueer and genderfluid people. Their work strives to transform the narrative on women’s sports.


You can watch Zheng dominate the field through this video and YouTube channel and find local organizations you can learn, play and compete with at Local | USA Ultimate.