On July 27, Aaron Rodgers' workday didn't take place behind his offensive line. Instead, he was in front cameras and microphones for his first Associated Bank production day. The day was the official kick-off of his multiyear agreement to exclusively promote Associated customer and community events, consumer and commercial products, and select philanthropic initiatives.

Rodgers spent the day with an Associated production crew as they gathered photographs, web, radio, and TV footage for upcoming promotional efforts, set to launch in September.

The commercials, created by Associated's ad agency Laughlin Constable, follow Rodgers and an Associated "customer" as they build a personal relationship that starts in an Associated branch. The customer is played by an affable 80-year-old actress who developed an instant rapport with Rodgers.

"I think the fans will enjoy the TV ads. The scenarios bring out Aaron's fun sense of humor while highlighting the importance of Associated's customer relationships," said Dawn Riedel, Director of Marketing and Branding.

During the day Rodgers also helped Associated launch its new Twitter account by tweeting about the day. "First time back in my uniform on set with @AssociatedBank, having a blast," he tweeted.

"I'm very happy to be involved with Associated," Rodgers said. "Their commitment to customer service and the manner in which they conduct themselves is wonderful."

Over the noon hour Rodgers' greeted 20 of Associated's major clients during a special lunch event.

In the future, Rodgers will make additional appearances on behalf of Associated to help promote the company, products and services, and select community causes.