Junior Achievement classroom instructor, Little League umpire, basketball and football assistant and Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary Board member — these are just a few hats worn by Daniel Wotruba, senior vice president and personal trust manager of Associated Bank.

Those who know Wotruba know he doesn’t get involved just for the sake of getting involved — he strives to make a difference, whether it be working in the classroom, on the football filed or in the office, managing corporate finances.

“I have always felt lucky in the opportunities I earned through hard work and always looked at it as an opportunity to give back by helping others,” said Wotruba.

Wotruba has spent the last 10 years volunteering with Junior Achievement and serving on the Board for Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary as its treasurer. Wotruba recalls working with kids to be his most rewarding volunteer work. He particularly enjoys the time he spends in local schools through Junior Achievement.

“My father was an elementary school principal for 40 years and loved his job,” said Wotruba. “The past 10 years working with Junior Achievement has really helped me understand why.”

Wotruba understands the importance of leaders serving as role models in our organization by committing to giving back. “As a part of the management team, I try to lead by example,” Wotruba said. “I encourage my business partners and colleagues by sharing positive experiences I’ve had in working with various charities in our community.”

Wotruba appreciates having the opportunity to volunteer and believes everyone can find a cause to which to give their time. “There are so many great organizations that could use the help and support of volunteers,” said Wotruba. “Getting involved and making a difference is very rewarding."