For thousands of years, Hmong people have created paj-ntaub (pronounced “pahn-dow”), or flower cloths, as a way to tell the stories of their culture and history. Often presented as an embroidered tapestry, paj-ntaub is a way to share their Hmong heritage and stay connected with their past​​.


Associated Bank was recently gifted a paj-ntaub and Milwaukee Hmong Consortium's Champion Sponsor Award from the Hmong American Friendship Association (HAFA), in recognition of the bank’s partnership and support of the Hmong community.


The paj-ntaub is displayed at the Burleigh St. branch located in the Sherman Park neighborhood of Milwaukee, an area with a large Hmong population.


“Associated Bank is honored to receive this recognition and to serve as an advocate for the Hmong community through long-standing relationships with impactful organizations like HAFA," said Bill Kopka, community accountability officer, Associated Bank. “I think it will mean a lot when a Hmong customer walks in and sees that our bank not only provides banking resources but is making a statement of support for them in their community."


In addition to a $10,000 donation to HAFA in 2021 and ongoing grants to support its programming, Associated Bank has partnered with HAFA to provide financial literacy workshops, volunteerism and event sponsorships in support of the AAPI community.


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