marshfield The Associated branch downtown Marshfield, Wisconsin, has a group of colleagues that have a combined total of 373 years of service at the bank. Of the 25 colleagues at the location, 11 of them have at the bank more than 30 years.

They call themselves the “30 Club” and needless to say, they like working together. Over the years members of this group have held positions such as Safe Box Attendant, Accounts Payable, Purchasing, Payroll, Wire Transfers, Bookkeeper, Proof Operator, Commercial Loan Teller, Receptionist, Credit Analyst, Teller, Mail Delivery, Commercial Loan Officer and Customer Service Representative, before they settled into their current positions.

“This group of colleagues truly supports one another and are willing to help each other whenever needed,” said John Baur, Community Bank President, Associated Bank. “Additionally, they team together to host events such as their Classic Club picnic, their bake sale in support of Cancer Relay for Life, and various United Way fundraisers. They are committed to Associated, their community, and the lifelong friendships they’ve made.”

Thank you and congratulations to these Marshfield colleagues for their 373 years of support.

Front row, left to right: Donna Fahey, Senior Teller, 31 years; Tammy Strupp, Teller Supervisor, 30 years; Peggy Davis, Corporate Loan Review, 32 years; and Lily Michalski, Trust Officer, 35 years.

Back row, left to right: Nancy Kautza, CL Sales & Support Specialist, 35 years; Denise Brunner, Credit Operations Specialist, 36 years; Mary DeWerff, Senior Teller, 36 years; Jim Bartelt, V.P. & Senior Trust Officer, 31 years; Terri Anderson, Credit Operations Specialist, 38 years; Kathy Bubolz, Credit Operations Specialist, 34 years; and Sue Jacobson, CL Sales & Support Specialist, 35 years.