First time any servicer has reached the four STAR level

Associated Bank, NA is proud to announce it has been recognized by Fannie Mae (Federal National Mortgage Association) as a top tier mortgage servicer in regard to its STAR (Servicer Total Achievement and Rewards™) Designation Program for 2012.

Associated was recognized as one of only five Fannie Mae servicers in the country to achieve a four STAR designation in the program for 2012. This is the first time that any servicer has reached the four STAR level.

STAR was created to measure servicers across key operational and performance areas relative to their peers and to recognize high achievement through STAR designations. In addition to Associated, only four other servicers achieved a four STAR designation for their overall performance, customer service and foreclosure prevention efforts.

“It is a sign of great progress to award four STAR designations for the first time,” said Leslie Peeler, Senior Vice President of Fannie Mae’s National Servicing Organization. “Servicers are continuing to improve their processes and achieve better results in foreclosure prevention and customer service. We look forward to working with all servicers to build on their strong momentum and make sure that homeowners are getting the help they need.”

In addition to Associated, the following servicers achieved a four STAR designation: Fifth Third Bank, Green Tree Servicing, LLC, Navy Federal Credit Union, and Seterus, Inc.

“Associated Bank has been in the mortgage lending business for more than 30 years, and is the largest mortgage lender in the state of Wisconsin. We are proud to offer the Fannie Mae mortgage products that serve our customers’ needs,” said Scott Fecteau, Director of Residential Lending, Associated Bank. “We have a great relationship with Fannie Mae and are honored to be recognized with this prestigious designation for our excellence in mortgage processes, foreclosure prevention and customer service.”

Associated Bank has over 80,000 customers with loan balances exceeding $7 billion with Fannie Mae as the investor.

“Our culture and model strive to handle all borrowers in a professional manner toward providing an excellent customer experience,” said Fecteau.

The STAR program is based on scorecard metrics related to customer service and foreclosure prevention results and operational assessments of the servicer’s processes, policies and capabilities. Servicers are divided into three peer groups based on the number of Fannie Mae loans they service and are measured relative to their peers. A servicer can receive a designation of up to five stars:

  • Five STAR designation signifies the highest level of scorecard achievement and consistent advances in achieving Fannie Mae’s objectives.
  • Four STAR designation signifies top quartile results on the scorecard for their peer group, demonstration of consistent processes with repeatable outcomes in all reviewed areas, and achieving Fannie Mae credit loss targets.
  • Three STAR designation signifies above median results on the scorecard and demonstration of consistent and standardized processes in most business operations.

The names of servicers who did not achieve at least a three STAR rating will not be published. Throughout 2013, Fannie Mae will provide additional updates on STAR servicer performance and offer insight into how servicers are evaluated in the program.

For more information on Associated’s Fannie Mae Mortgage Programs, call 800-236-0144.