It is with a sense of shared purpose for community betterment that Associated will contribute $30,000 over the next three years to the Rockford Area Economic Development Council (RAEDC). This donation represents the continuation of more than a decade of support by Associated for the Rockford, Illinois non-profit.

“The primary objective of the Rockford Area Economic Development Council is to enhance wealth creation within the Rockford Region,” said Andrew M. Shallow, senior vice president and commercial banking team leader for Associated in Rockford, and a new board member of the RAEDC. “As a commercial bank, we also work to enhance wealth creation by assisting businesses to grow through sound financial solutions delivered with personalized service. Given how closely our objectives align, our continued investment in the RAEDC is one way to further support the growth of our community while demonstrating our commitment to the Rockford area.”

Shallow said he is proud to help with continuing the legacy of contribution to the RAEDC that began in 1999. In addition to his board position with the RAEDC, Shallow will participate in the organization’s leadership team and be directly involved with progress resulting from the Associated contribution, along with Laura Wilhelmi, assistant vice president and commercial banking relationship manager, of his office.

“Associated Bank’s investment in the work of the Rockford Area Economic Development Council (RAEDC) helps to ensure continued success in the economic health of the Rockford Region,” explained RAEDC Director of Investor Relations Mary Cacioppi.

“The RAEDC’s strategic plan Rockforward2! will focus on helping to create and retain jobs, which in turn will bring wealth to all levels of the region,” she said. “The strategies of the plan will have a tremendous impact on primary job growth, which will result in achieving the three-year goal of 4,500 new and retained jobs. In addition to the financial support, Associated Bank is very engaged in the work of economic development through the RAEDC Board of Directors and Solution Teams. We thank them for their investment and dedication to the Rockford Region.”

Beyond monetary contributions to non-profit organizations such as the RAEDC, Associated is also continually developing creative ways to make non-monetary donations, such as used equipment, facility space and additional resources to benefit our community partners.

Andrew M. Shallow (left), senior vice president and commercial banking team leader for Associated in Rockford, presents a check to RAEDC.