It’s a 267-mile drive from Stone Lake to Madison, but in some ways the distance is much greater.

“Coming from a small town, I had five or six classmates in a three-room grade school and a high school graduating class of maybe 120,” said Dewing, ’96 University of Wisconsin-Madison Alumni, who reflects on his upbringings. “I love where I grew up. But I wanted a big college experience. What expanded my horizons was the diversity of expression and meeting a wide range of people all over campus. That was the void that UW–Madison filled.”

Dewing, who earned a UW–Madison business degree in marketing in 1996, is now the senior vice president and director of channel strategy for Associated Bank. He is responsible for making sure that Wisconsin’s largest bank — with assets of $29 billion — coordinates its digital, online, mobile, and branch operations into a satisfying and seamless customer experience.

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