Organization: Greater Rochester Rotary Club, Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce, Neuro Hospitality House and Meadow Park Child Care

Volunteer Service: Since 2013



How did you get involved with these organizations?
I first got involved with the Rotary Club in 2013 by helping at a fundraising event. Since then, I have served on their steering committee for the Rotary Holiday Classic for the last seven years, and served on the board of directors as president and long-range planning chair. I am currently supporting the organization as an official member.


With the Chamber of Commerce, I was a previous participant of the Leadership Greater Rochester Program. And I have personal connections to the Neuro Hospitality House and Meadow Park.


What is the most rewarding part of volunteering?
My volunteerism allows me to impact so many people because of the different demographics these organizations serve. It has also provided me with personal growth and development opportunities that have helped me become a more educated, steward-focused community member.


Can you share a memorable experience you’ve been part of through your community involvement?
As president for the Rotary Club, I was able to attend the annual International Rotary Conference in Seoul, South Korea in 2016. It was so inspiring to join with more than 47,000 Rotarians in one location and see the global impact of the organization. It reinforced why I personally give back to my community.


How do you feel volunteering has changed you as a person?
Through my work with these organizations, I’ve been given a new perspective of the challenges in our community that we don’t often see. It makes me want to be a better person and get more involved. To avoid spreading myself too thin, I’ve chosen to take on leadership roles at the nonprofits I believe create the most impact. It also influences how I spend time with my family. My husband is civic-minded, and we often give back with our son to share our values with him.


Why is it important to give back to the communities we serve?
Organizations need volunteers who give their time just as much as they need donations. Sometimes, just showing up is all it takes. Our nonprofits can’t do it alone.


Any other thoughts you would like to share?
I have had many great interactions with my customers through my volunteer work in the community. As a representative of Associated Bank, volunteering is also good for business and a great way to make new connections.